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2024 CPIEA Summit

A Lifetime Dynamic Partnership!

A Boutique Educational Experience Istanbul, Turkey

25 - 28 October, 2024

CPIEA Summit Overview

Setting itself apart from other industry events, the CPIEA Summit is akin to a meticulously crafted boutique experience. This exclusive gathering brings together distinguished schools from across the globe, to meet with the CPIEA winning agencies.


Saudi Arabia







Our approach is deliberately designed to be unique, with only one nominated school per sector per country. By maintaining this exclusivity, participating schools can expect a remarkable Return on Investment (ROI), ensuring substantial value from their involvement.


United Kingdom







CPIEA Winning Agencies proudly hail from these countries:







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CPIEA Winning Agents

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Exclusive Schools


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Day & Three Night Event

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Day 1

  • Hotel Check-In
  • Reception & Icebreaker Activities
  • Welcome Dinner
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Day 2

  • Meeting Schedule
  • Istanbul - Meeting Point
  • Dinner & Walking Tour
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Day 3

  • Engaging Round Table Discussions
  • Meeting Schedule
  • Shining Stars Gala Event
Istanbul, Turkey

Day 4

  • Check Out
  • Agents: FAM Tour
  • Schools: Turkish Agent Visits
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Meeting Schedule

Quality over Quantity

2nd Day - AM

3rd Day - PM

Say goodbye to rushed meetings and hello to a more personalized and enriching experience. Unlike traditional events that overload you with countless speed meetings, our curated approach focuses on creating meaningful connections between schools and agents.

Here's what sets your meeting schedule apart:

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.

Intimate & Engaging Presentations

We limit the number of schools to just ten, allowing each institution to showcase their unique offerings in a 50-minute presentation to all agents. This extended time ensures that agents receive in-depth knowledge and insights.

Conference and Presentation

Enhanced School Experience

By splitting presentations over two days, we provide school representatives with ample time to relax, catch up on emails, or explore Istanbul while not presenting.

Istanbul - Meeting Point

Building Bonds, Creating Lasting Relationships

2nd Day - PM

A View of the Galata Tower at Night
Photo of a Mosque
Bus Terminal Location
Bus Terminal Location
Bus Terminal Location
Bus Terminal Location
Bus Terminal Location

After the first day of school presentations, we'll gather at 1:30 pm to embark on a bus tour accompanied by an experienced guide. Our first stop will be an Ottoman palace, where you'll be immersed in the grandeur of its history and treated to awe-inspiring views that are perfect for capturing unforgettable photographs.

Next, we'll head to Camlica Mountain, where a panoramic view of Istanbul awaits. Take in the breathtaking vistas and let the beauty of the city leave an indelible impression.

As the day transitions into evening, we'll conclude the tour at one of Istanbul's finest restaurants, where you'll savor delectable cuisine and enjoy a delightful dining experience.

After dinner, we'll cross the bridge to the European side of Istanbul, where the heart of the city comes alive. Together, we'll embark on a leisurely stroll to the iconic Galata Tower, immersing ourselves in the vibrant nightlife and experiencing the pulsating energy that defines Istanbul.

As the clock strikes 10:00 pm, we'll make our way back to the hotel, cherishing the shared moments and newfound connections. This tour is not just about sightseeing; it's about fostering a sense of unity, building bonds, and creating lasting relationships between schools and agents.

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Empowering Growth

Engaging Round Table Discussions & Seminars

3rd Day - AM

We've carefully curated six compelling topics that will challenge conventional thinking and spark insightful conversations. Together, we'll explore new dimensions, share diverse perspectives, and empower you with actionable strategies to enhance your educational endeavors.

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New Trends in the Industry:

What’s Coming?

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Industry Workshops and Student Fairs: Is it Time to Challenge the Format

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Recruitment and Admissions Platforms: What’s in the market? Is it worth it?

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AI and Dynamic Prices: Embracing Technology's Potential

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Share the Wealth Presentations: Your Big Ideas Worth New Partnerships

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Business Culture Seminar: Be Inspired! Be Strategic!

Shining Stars Gala Event

Celebrating CPIEA 2024 Winners

It's time to shine at our highly anticipated Shining Stars Gala!

This enchanting event promises to be a night to remember as we gather to celebrate the remarkable accomplishments of the 12 CPIEA agency winners for 2024.

Dress to impress in your finest attire as we embark on a remarkable journey to our gala venue. The bus will whisk us away to a captivating setting, where the suspense builds as we eagerly await the announcement of the 2024 gold, silver, and bronze winners. Witness the thrill and excitement as their outstanding contributions are recognized and celebrated.

But the festivities don't end there! After the awards ceremony, get ready to hit the dance floor and let loose at our lively dance party, and cherishing the bonds we've formed and the unforgettable experiences we've shared.

FAM Tours

Expand Your Horizons

Large School sign in front of school building

Agents FAM Tour

Visit three carefully selected Turkish schools. This immersive experience will provide you with a deeper understanding of the Turkish education system and its diverse offerings.

Schools Turkish Agent Visit

Enjoy a list of carefully selected Turkish agents, allowing you to extend your outreach and establish connections with potential partners to take even more advantage of your time in Turkey.

Business social networking

Why Should Schools Attend?

This event presents an uncommon chance to connect an exclusive handful of schools with prestigious CPIEA agency winners from around the world. An opportunity too significant to miss!

Impactful ROI


Maximize ROI with only nine selected schools, connecting with award-winning agencies.



We extend invitations to only one outstanding school per country per sector. The CPIEA Summit is open to all type of schools from all over the world


Top-Notch Agencies

Exclusive platform to network schools with CPIEA Award winning agencies, delve into insightful workshops, and honor our industry's outstanding achievements.


Boutique Event

The CPIEA’s distinguish itself as a boutique event, fostering meaningful connections. Schools can expect a premium experience, tailored to their needs, making CPIEA a truly exceptional opportunity in making a dynamic lifetime partnership.


Unforgettable Journey

Explore the vibrant culture and history of Istanbul with arranged sightseeing tours and enjoy meals that offer a taste of the city's rich culinary heritage.

School Registration

CPIEA 2024 Summit

Package Details: Total Cost: $6950 USD (plus HST), to be paid before April 30, 2024

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Early Bird

$5950 USD

Fees include:

  • 3 Night Hotel accommodation
  • Ground transportation within the city*
  • Meals
  • City tour
  • 2024 CPIEA GALA
  • Summit workshop
  • Agents meetings
  • List of local Turkish agents for outreach opportunities
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Pay before February 28, 2024

*excluding airport pickup and drop-off

Financial Advisor Consulting

Agent registration CPIEA 2024 Summit

Package Details:

Complimentary package include:

  • 3 Night Hotel accommodation
  • Ground transportation within the city
  • Meals
  • City tour
  • 2024 CPIEA GALA
  • Summit workshop
  • School meetings
  • FAM Tour to visit selected Turkish schools